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The Journal of Impossible Things
I've Got Heaven and I've Got Hell
14th-Sep-2007 06:51 pm
iPods Rule!
No cut! No Friends-Lock! Just the Open Honest Truth! 

What song do you hope to see Fall Out Boy cover on the new tour? Because of my obsession with FOB doing slower songs, and Patrick having the BEST ballad voice ever I'm going to go with Rufus Wainwright's "Hallelujah." Seriously, it'd be gorgeous.

Cage Match Round Two: Pete and Patrick; who wins? This question makes me want to watch that Star Trek episode "Amok Time." Those of you who've seen it probably know why. (If you havn't seen it, you're shaking your head.) 
Patrick would win. Because it's my journal and I say so.

If you could take music lessons from one member of bandom, who would you choose and why? Mmmmm....either bass lessons from Mikey Way or voice lessons from Patrick. 

MCR's 'House of Wolves' is being used in the trailer for the new movie 'Shoot 'Em Up'; what are your thoughts on this? Clive Owen + My Chem? Can we say SPAZ ATTACK?

Who tops your list of Bandom's Most Lust-Worthy? Patrick. He's squishy and lovely and real. And his hat and glasses make me happy.
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