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The Journal of Impossible Things
I've Got Heaven and I've Got Hell
Title: Purity (1/4) Fandom: Doctor Who Author:… 
27th-Oct-2007 08:01 pm
Title: Purity (1/4)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: waxingobscure
Characters: Ten/Rose, OBG (Own Bad Guys)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Doctor Who is owned by the BBC.
Spoilers: Mild spoilers for the “Satan Pit”, set sometime before “The Idiot Lantern”.
Summary: Captured by a race obsessed with keeping "pure", what will happen to the Doctor and Rose? And will their relationship's latest development be their downfall?
Written For: secretsbypete
 for the time_x_space fication
Prompts: Ten, set up like an episode, guilt trips, subtle behavior. 

“How do you feel about bicycles?” Rose looked at the Doctor, who was sitting on the jump seat, playing with a Slinky.
“Just debating our next stop. I was thinking we could go see Le Tour de France.” Rose’s grin grew bigger.
“Really!? I’ve wanted to see that since I was a kid!” The Doctor leapt up, tossing Rose the Slinky. “Hold on to that.” Rose looked at it.
“Is it a ‘Sonic Slinky’?”
                “Nah. Just fun! Now! What do you think? Past, future, in-between?” Rose came around the console to stand by him, looking at the view screen.
                “Do they even change it? Add, like, flying bikes and things?” The Doctor grinned.
                “Yeah, it was added to the races in 2057!” He began dashing around the controls, setting things Rose couldn’t begin to understand, but knew would send them hurtling through time. The Doctor himself was in a full-fledged ramble, and she listened patiently.
                “They’d developed the hover technology in 2039, but it was reserved for government officials, you know. To help control traffic, get to crashes ahead of all the rubberneckers, and for more fun in high speed chases. But when they released it to the public in 2045, it was mass chaos! People crashing right and left! Very few people actually died, well…not until some loony kids hacked the system to see how high they could go.” He pulled a face at her. “That was not pretty. They almost took the tech off the market completely!” Rose nodded.
                “What about the race? What’s it like, since they added it?” The Doctor grinned and extended a hand.
                “Let’s go have a look.”
                Rose took his hand, grinning her best, and they rushed to the door. But when she poked her head out the door, her smile fell.
                “Doctor?” He opened the door a little wider and stared around.
                Wherever they had landed, it was definitely not Earth, in any time period.
                The tall trees around them were covered in furry black leaves, and the dirt at their feet was a deep reddish colour. The sky, though still blue, had more of a green haze than Earth’s sky, and the stars glowed with an angry orange light.
                “Doctor, where are we?”
                “I’ve got no idea. I think….I got the right year. But the wrong planet.” Rose shot him a look. He grinned.
                “Come on! Please? I’ll take you to the races soon, I promise. But…let’s go and see where we’ve gotten ourselves.” He gave her such a pleading, childlike look, she could hardly contemplate refusal.
                “Oh, alright. But you owe me!” He squeezed her hand.
                “Always. Come on!” He shut the TARDIS doors behind them, and tugged her forward.
                As always seems to happen in these situations, they got exactly ten paces at a run before a heavy net dropped on their heads, bringing the Doctor to his knees, and Rose face first into the ground.
                “Doctor…” Rose coughed, the dirt stirring around her.
                “Yes, Rose?” The Doctor pulled her up to be kneeling beside him. She glowered at him, the net pressing her hair flat against her head.
                “Whatever happens to us now is entirely your fault.”
                He grinned. “Good to know some things don’t change.” He looked around. “Hmmm. I seem to be unfamiliar with this material. How odd.” He clapped his hands, settling back on the ground. “I guess we’ll just have to wait to see whose got us.” Rose glared at him.
                “You could get us out of here if you wanted to.”
                “Most probably.”
                “But you’re not going to.”
                “Not really planning on it.”
                “Because you have an ingrained desire to know everything, so you absolutely have to see who set this trap, regardless of the fact that they could be after more than a cuppa and a chat.”
                “Sounds like something I would do, doesn’t it?”
                Rose sighed.  “Then I guess we’re waiting here, aren’t we?” she looked at him. “Five and a half hours.”
                He grinned. “Five and a half hours. You’re a star.”
                Rose rolled her eyes. “Yeah, you better be flattering.” She crossed her legs, looking at him. “You have anything interesting to do, at least?”
                The Doctor looked at her, mild hurt on his face. “Rose Tyler. I’m shocked and offended by your tone. Of course I have something to do!”
                “Yes. I spy with my little eye something…blonde.”
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