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The Journal of Impossible Things
I've Got Heaven and I've Got Hell
Current Issue 
Careful Novel
Stature: Shorter than I’ve always thought
Eyes: Brown. (Myopic.)
Hair: Red
Favourite genre: Historical fiction
Favourite sub-genre: Gay literature.
Favourite period: The French Revolution/The Italian Renaissance
Favourite playwright: Tony Kushner
Favourite novelist: Chuck Palaniuk
Useless degree: History
Most-heard soapbox topic: Gender/sexuality.
Politics: Waaaaay over to the left
Relationships: Non-existant
Vocal section: Mezzo Soprano
Religious affiliation: Wiccan
Favourite musical genre: Eyeliner-punk/Showtunes
Favourite television: Doctor Who
Sense of humour: Dry
Greatest strength/flaw: Generosity
Most prone to bitch about: The lack of intelligence in society
Proficiency with foam weapons: Not the best.
Favourite alcohol: Strawberry Wine.
Stance on the Romantics: Oh, Byron…You make me so nervous and pleased all at the same time.
Least favourite place to get stuck: Traffic.
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