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The Journal of Impossible Things

I've Got Heaven and I've Got Hell

19 May 1989
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Welcome, one and all to the journal of waxingobscure. I am called by many names, including: Mikey, Zizette, Lady, Swan, Remus, Avery, Seven, Ramarien, and Braclets. You can call me just about any of them, but I am most likely to be called Seven or Mikey. I used to be known as Alquen, Kami, or Seana, but not so much these days.

I'm a brunette by birth, but a red-head in my soul, so that's the colour I'm usually rocking on this scalp of mine. I have brown eyes that can't seen ten feet in front of me in broad daylight without my contacts.
Exhibit A

And now, A Few Facts about WaxingObscure
~loves books, movies, and music
~has a ship (or four) for every fandom.
~makes obscure references, offers no explination
~wears the Blue and the Bronze
~is a freshman history major, minoring in creative writing, with all the geekiness this implies.
~has loads of original and fandom characters living in her head. Has a map hanging on her wall of said headspace. Will post it...one day
~calls herself a Time Lord. This annoys the crap out of friends.
~takes notes when watching films. Is weird like that.
~loves icons, colourbars, banners, and wallpapers.

This Journal is
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BUT I nearly always accept anyone to my friends list. Just drop a comment saying how you found me, and I'll add you when I get a mo'.

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